new perpetual grooms’ trophy

To be a groom takes dedication, blood, sweat, tears, and a selflessness that puts a horse’s needs before one’s own needs. From a flawless turnout to quiet moments back in the barn, a groom’s job encompasses far more that what is visible to the public.

To showcase the dedication a groom must have in and out of the show arena, Mr. & Mrs. Taren Lester have decided to present an award that recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond their job title and demonstrates quality horsemanship and strives to uphold a standard of excellence in the sport of Combined Driving.

A small panel of individuals will observe the grooms’ performance in and out of the stable and will decide on the one groom who, throughout the Kentucky Classic, has surpassed his or her duties and represented the grooming profession with dedication and expertise.

The purpose of this award is to bring all the hard work and dedication of grooms to the spotlight and to recognize that this sport depends on these individuals to continue producing quality results. Mr. & Mrs. Lester will sponsor the Perpetual Grooms’ Trophy in hopes of promoting and honoring the dedication of grooms at all levels of our sport.